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Hi, I'm Regina!

At the age of 12, I fell in love with computers. But it wasn’t until college that I found my true calling – to teach technology. I had always helped people informally, but when I saw a college freshman insert a floppy disk in backward, I knew I had to do more. Over the years since then, I’ve become a computer teacher, a technology instructor, a learning consultant, and now a technology coach. My passion to help and educate combined with my ability to explain technology in simple terms is what makes me invaluable to my customers.

Think of me as a personal trainer for your individual technology learning goals. I founded Life’s Digital Bits to help you use technology to enhance, enrich, and empower your life for success.  I’ll help you navigate the vast and complex world of technology so that you can advance your career, protect your family, and become tech savvy.

What is Life's Digital Bits about? It's about:

  • Giving you the tech knowledge you need to save yourself time, money, and frustration
  • Providing simple plain-English answers to all your tech questions
  • Helping you learn the tech skills you need to move up in your career
  • Being honest, encouraging, and reassuring during our conversations
  • Finding the solution that best meets your needs
  • Dispelling the myth that tech is hard, mysterious, and complicated
  • Leveling the technology playing field.
  • Having access to a highly skilled professional with over 15 years of teaching and technology experience, and a deep passion for helping others
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